Work-based Integrity Assessment
"A society that has integrity will be contented.
  An organisation that has integrity can be depended upon.
    A workforce that has integrity will work together in trust"
      - Prof John Rust (Giotto test developer)

is a psychometric assessment company that advances Integrity and Business Ethics in the work place.

We are the exclusive distributor and rights holder of the South African standardised version of the Giotto integrity test, a work-based personality questionnaire designed to measure Integrity across 7 dimensions.

The Giotto integrity test addresses the two main categories of workplace dishonesty:

  • Property deviance
    (theft, fraud, pilferage, corruption, embezzlement)
  • Performance deviance
    (negligence, carelessness, absenteeism, intimidation, mismanagement).

As a pre-interview, selection, promotion, appraisal and staff development tool, Giotto is unsurpassed.